Thursday, May 12, 2016

New Experiences: Two in One Weekend

Recently, one of my best friends had her first baby - a beautiful boy named Charlie. I was so happy and excited for her! So much so that I threw her a baby shower. I had never thrown a baby shower in my life. But, I was willing to take on the role and try to ensure that it was the best I could make it for my friend and her bundle of joy.
   Now, she wanted it after her son arrived, so that made it easier for me, as people were anxious to hold Charlie and pass him around. It ate up a lot of attention and time. But, I still had to think of activities (which we were able to do one - gift bingo), food and decorations. Luckily, my friend found the location for it, so I did not have to worry about that. It was a challenge to find the decorations I needed for the shower. She said she inadvertently ended up with a jungle theme in Charlie's room, so I figured I would stick with that.
   She also requested eclairs instead of cake. That was a challenge - and one that I did not fulfill. I could not find any local bakers who did eclairs. I tried to make them myself. The pastry turned out perfectly. The crème? Not so much. So, my friend changed her mind and said cake would work. That was a lot easier to take care of. One call to a local grocery store bakery and it was taken care of. And I must say, if you need a cake in the Mobridge, SD area, I recommend Payless Foods. They did a marvelous job.
   Some mutual friends showed up at the location early and we got everything decorated. We placed the party favors (homemade bath salts which was a first for me and surprisingly easy) on the tables and awaited for people to make their appearances. After it was all over, my friend said it was a nice shower and thanked me for it. That was more than enough for me. I stressed over it the last two weeks before it was scheduled. I'm pretty sure more white hairs sprouted on my head.
   The other experience that was new that weekend? That day? My friend asked my husband and I to be godparents! I had never participated in a baptism before. And I was thrilled and honored to do so. 
   Sometimes, new experiences in your life are brought on by other people. And they can be just as wonderful as experiences you set out to make yourself.

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