Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: Ready. Chef. Go! Cooking Bags

I love steaming food! To me, it seems like a healthier alternative. However, recently my steaming pot broke and I have just been SOL when it came to steaming.
   But, I decided to give Ready. Chef. Go! Cooking Bags a try. At first, I was hesitant. I have never used a steam bag before. I liked that there were instructions on the bag for either the microwave and the oven. I opted for the microwave. So, for my lunch, I got a potato, cut it into large chunks and prepared an olive oil seasoning to pour into the bag.
   I cooked it in the microwave on high heat for 3 minutes to perfect potato tenderness. The chunks were not mushy and had a pleasant amount of firmness. As it was cooking, I watched the bag puff up and was waiting for the seal to explode, but it never did. When I took the bag out the microwave, I held it by one corner and waited for the olive oil mixture to drip out of the bottom. It never did. There was zero cleanup for me to do! Score. MAJOR SCORE!

   The package of bags also comes with some recipes to try. I am eager to try out seafood in these bags and utilize one of the recipes I found included. This is a big recommendation to any cook!
Full disclosure: I received this product free of charge, and received compensation, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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