Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Renewed Experience: An Audition

In my childhood and teenage years, I would eagerly audition for any play that I could. I auditioned for two in elementary and got placed in both. When I got to high school, I made the musical my senior year (I have a theory why I did not get into any plays my freshman, sophomore and senior years, but that is for another time and place).
   A friend of mine here in Marshall is a board member of the Marshall Area Stage Company, so I've been getting notifications about auditions for various performances. I decided to go to one on Saturday, accompanied by my friend and my daughter. While my friend was not going to audition (he was there for moral support), my daughter was eager to try it for the first time.
   The name of the play? The Addams Family: A New Musical. I would watch the show occasionally in my childhood, but I was a fan of the movies. My daughter loves the movies, so that increased her excitement.
   I watched with pride as B read the lines of Wednesday and proceeded to sing. I was so proud of her! She even got some laughs from the minimal audience in the room (about 10 people). One person told her it was impressive how B managed to calm her nerves and do the best job she could. As a result, she got a part - Addams Ancestor Lori Bruns! Of course, it is not a big part, but it is still a part! I told her the news this morning and she couldn't have been happier.
   As for my audition, I felt fine reading the lines of Grandma, but when I had to sing a song belonging to Morticia, I felt my stomach clench. Do you know how long it has been since I sang from sheet music? A long ass time! I lost my place a couple of times and I think I sounded fine, but people in the audience might have had a different opinion.
   Finally, there was a dance section of the audition. My knees were protesting during the lunging moves that were choreographed, but I struggled through it. B did wonderful, even though she fell at one point. She picked herself up and continued dancing, though.
   How did I do? I got the part of Addams Ancestor Kyalin Garside. So, we both got minor ancestor parts together! I cannot wait to see the costumes. I want to see B in hers. I want to see her in her stage makeup. I cannot wait for both of us to get integrated into this section of the community and experience something new!

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