Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who Is the Sexiest Winchester?

I LOVE Supernatural! It's an amazing show! The story, the acting, the twists, the special effects. I love it all! . . . And the eye candy. Particularly the eye candy.

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
   Those two lovelies to the left and to the right are the stars of the show - Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles). Both are very handsome men. But, I favor Sam over Dean. There is something about a tall, 
dark, handsome, muscle-bound, tragic, brooding man that I find appealing. And I find that other female Supernatural fans I talk to do not agree with me (which is fine), but I want to reach out to more. I don't know a whole lot of female Supernatural fans.

   So, lets explore each character one at a time and you decide. Maybe I am the lone wolf here.

Dean Winchester

   No doubt, Dean has the prettier face. Those full pouting lips are definitely kissable. And green eyes are always a plus. His smile is absolutely gorgeous!
   Dean stands at around 6'1" and does not have a bad body at all - obviously.
Dean possessed by a demon
   Personality wise - Dean is funny, has witty and quick comebacks, has a strong sense of loyalty and a deep and abiding love for cheeseburgers, pie, women, Busty Asian Beauties, his car (which he calls Baby), mullet-rock and beer. On the downside, Dean is a bottler. He keeps everything in. And he can be extremely obnoxious - like frat boy obnoxious.

Sam Winchester
   Sam's eyes are very expressive. While his lips are not as full as Dean's, his smile is off-the-charts (when he does smile).
   Sam stands at around 6'4" and has an absolutely ripped body.
Sam possessed by an angel
   Personality wise - Sam is extremely smart and very good at research. Very health-conscious, he generally shuns the cheeseburgers his brother is fond of and opts for salads and enjoys exercising. Sam is very honest and not afraid to tell the truth about past experiences (but not so honest when it comes to demon blood). Sam longs for a normal life, complete with wife and kids. On the downside, Sam has a temper and is moody.
   So, who is your cup of tea?

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