Thursday, October 23, 2014

Make Halloween Memorable!

Halloween is great! And it's a perfect opportunity for you to break out of your shell or just to mix things up a bit in your life - whatever the case may be. If you can't get out on the day of Halloween, not to worry. There are still plenty of things to do - especially in the last two weeks of October.

1)  Go to a haunted attraction. Like the Castle of Muskogee that I wrote about in my last post, there are sure to be haunted attractions in your area. If none are close by, take a road trip. And travel down a road you would not normally take to get there. You'd be surprised at the number of things you can run across on back roads.

2)  Go ghost hunting. The hardcore scare seekers will go ghost hunting. Supposedly, Halloween is when the dead come out to play. So, exploit that belief (if you have it) and seek out the real thing. Google actual haunted locations in your area and see if you can gain access to one.

3)  Attend a party. Halloween parties are abundant - at people's houses and at bars. Dress in a costume. Go balls out and wear something you swore your would never wear. It does not matter what kind of body you have. It's Halloween! Who cares?!

4)  Get a psychic reading. These might be a little more difficult to find, depending on how urban of an area you live in. I have never gotten one, so I would not know if you have to book something in advance.

5)  Throw your own party. Attach a theme to it and request your guests dress accordingly. Make the theme a little quirky for it to be extra memorable. Barnyard Animals (there are plenty of guys who would have fun with that one), Historical Figures, Zombie Dolls, Adults Only Items - you get the idea.

6)  Play Ghosts In the Graveyard. This was a favorite childhood game of mine. The basis is simple. Wait until dark and select a game area with well established boundaries and plenty of hiding places. One person is selected to be "it" and everyone else runs and hides. 
   The "it" person turns around, covers his or her eyes and chants: "One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock. Four o'clock, five o'clock, six o'clock rock. Seven o'clock, eight o'clock, nine o'clock rock. Ten o'clock, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock rock. Starlight, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, hope to see a ghost tonight. GHOSTS IN THE GRAVEYARD!"
   The "it" person turns around, uncovers his or her eyes and then the game begins. The object for the "it" person is to get to the other end of the game area and then back to the chant position without getting caught by a ghost. The people hiding - they jump out and try to get the "it" person. There are scares and plenty of calories burned with all of the chasing. Whichever ghost catches the "it" person now has a turn to be "it."
   When I was a kid, both the youngsters and the adults would play. In fact, I might teach it to my daughter and the neighbors tomorrow tonight.

7)  Bake up some spooky treats. These are plastered all over the internet right now. Go to any food blog or recipe website and you are bound to find treats. Jack-o-lantern cupcakes, spider pizza, hot dog mummies, ghost cookies - you name it. Then, take those treats to your friends to show off your culinary skills. While you're at it, take some wine or a bottle of booze with you. Nothing like pigging out on treats while imbibing a few spirits.

8)  Volunteer. Events for children are almost always seeking volunteers to hand out candy or host games.

9)  Play some pranks. Nothing mean. You don't want to make people cry or get offended. This year, I took a vintage baby doll. One of those dolls from the 80s that looks like a real baby, but not quite. It's fairly off-putting. I went to my
My daughter and I then decided to turn it
into a Halloween decoration!
neighbor's front door, propped the doll up, knocked and quickly hid. I heard the door open and Allen say "That's really creepy." Mandy and Trevor had to see what caused Allen to say such a thing and there was the doll, smiling at them ever so slightly, in her yellowed old-fashioned dress. Since trailers for the movie "Annabelle" were all over the television, I figured it would be fitting.

   So, there you have it. Try some of those things to help make it a more memorable Halloween than last year. Or, think of some of your own things to do. Let me know how it goes!

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