Monday, October 13, 2014

Sex Every Day

The two most common arguments married couples have revolve around money and sex. My husband Tony and I rarely argue about money. But we have had some doozies about sex. Until Tony read an article in which a married couple committed to have sex every day for one month. I had not read it, but he presented such a compelling argument, that I agreed to have sex every day.
   We have been married for eight years and we have hit some dry spots in our intimacy, but on average, we got busy twice a week. It was more than enough for me, but it was not enough for him. He loves to have sex with me, to make love to me. He wanted it every day and I would turn him down a lot or begrudgingly give in - making it not too fun for him. Yes, I was a boring lay when I was not in the mood. With a full-time job, keeping house and taking care of a baby and second-grader, I was hardly ever in the mood and our marriage was beginning to feel the strain that a lack of intimacy brings.
   This experiment was Tony's solution to that strain. We laid down one ground rule. No sex if someone was injured or sick. That was it.
   We stuck to it for about two weeks before he left for a week-long camping trip in Wyoming. And in those two weeks, we got more creative in the bedroom. Also more passionate, which was the biggest factor. I began to crave my husband's touch, to feel his body against mine. He could see it in my eyes. He said I was looking at him differently. I also began to get more verbal, giving him some cues and encouragement. Lack of communication in the bedroom was always a big downfall for me.
   Now, we have sex three to four times every week. And Tony said it has been amazing. He has even discovered an unknown (even to me) erogenous zone for me - my collarbone. Just the other day, he zeroed in on that for some reason, and my knees almost turned to jelly. Just writing
Here we are!
about it, I feel butterflies in my stomach.

   Now that we are having sex more often, I find myself more attracted to him. I also feel sexier, knowing that Tony craves me as much as I do him. I can also relate to how he felt before, when sex was less abundant.
   Opening the door to more intimacy has improved our sex life and our marriage. Gone is the boring bedroom Lana. I want to make sex fun and exciting, to make it a solid connection every single time. Our communication with one another is more open - in all aspects of our lives. Any arguments that we get into are not carried out for days on end because we have rediscovered our love for one another.
   So, if you and your spouse are feeling a strain in your marriage, give it a try. I'm not saying it's a cure-all, but it sure is a fun time!

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  1. Its a great idea he had, more power to you two!