Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haunted Castle = Awesome Time!

My friends and I managed to knock another item off of our "To Do" list - a Halloween haunted house. But we went balls out and went to the Castle of Muskogee, which is a castle replica in Muskogee, OK. When you walk through the front
gate, you enter a courtyard filled with old-fashioned vendors - turkey legs, mystics, candle makers, jewelry artisans, makers of butter beer. It is a very large attraction - complete with a jousting arena. And the staff all speak in English accents.
   I had been to the Castle once before with Tony and our daughter, but this was a first for Mandy, Allen and Ricky. We all purchased the Fright Pack, which helped save money on the four scariest events at the Castle - the Casa Morte, the Domus Horrificus, the Ultimate Maze and the Trail of Blood.
   The Casa Morte and the Domus Horrificus are all set within the castle walls. The Maze and the Trail are outside. The Trail came with a warning: Absolutely not recommended for children. It got my blood flowing.
   We started with Casa and Domus first. Casa was a PG-13 version. Poor Mandy followed me (I went in first. I went in first to all of them) and her hand was always gripping my coat or wrapped around my waist. Casa seemed to have the most effect on Mandy and I definitely got startled. There were rooms where the staff blended in to the walls. You had no idea they were there until they jumped out at you. But, Mandy got nervous when one of the staff, dressed as a little zombie girl, kept standing in front of her, asking her to stay and play.
   The Domus was the R version and it was AWESOME! They brought movie characters to life - Michael Myers, Samara, Jason, Freddy and more. It started me and in fact, got me dizzy. Just entering that event was no fun, as the hallway entrance had two gigantic inflatable walls and you had to squeeze your way through there. I was expecting something to jump out at me once I emerged from the rubber womb, but it didn't.
   After the events inside, we hung around, getting some
drinks and funnel cake. There was music playing and people dancing. We then proceeded to the Trail. A staff member directed us to enter the Cave, which we did. Now, on the Trail, you wait in line to get loaded onto a trailer. The trailer then takes you to the woods and drops you off. But, it's not in the middle of nowhere. There is a little makeshift bar - Madame Voodoo's - set up, serving only beer and soda. After you finish a beverage, you can proceed to the Trail. Now, I was disappointed with the Trail. I was expecting something better than Domus, but it sorely lacked. It was mostly walking on a trail, with very few scares along the way.
   We did the Maze last. Again, very few scares, but it took us a while to get out of it.
   The only regret I have on the Castle is that photography was not allowed. Otherwise, I would share the pictures with you.
   With this being only October 21, you still have time to get out there and go to a haunted attraction. They are still open for 10 more days. It is not a terrible time, but make sure you pick an attraction that you are certain you will enjoy. If you choose one just to choose one, you will not have as good of a time - unless it is a truly awesome one. Choose one locally or go on a road trip a few hours away just for the experience!  
   Get some scares into your Halloween this year and experience a life!

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