Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Diabullies - A Waste of Oxygen

For those unfamiliar with the term "diabully", let me enlighten you. It's a Type 1 diabetic that bullies other Type 1 diabetics. As if regular bullies were not bad enough, these "people" are a special type of douche. I mean, we have
enough jerks to deal with - neo-Nazis, soccer moms, political commentators. Does the world really need diabullies?
   Let me tell you what brought this topic up. I recently learned about the death of Kevin Houdeshell, a 36-year-old Type 1 diabetic who was unable to get his insulin due to an expired prescription. I wanted to learn more and I'm sorry I made the effort. I came across a lot of comments and posts written about how Houdeshell deserved to die because he was irresponsible with his diabetes. Let me say you diabullies deserve to be run over by a cement mixer.
   You have no idea what events led up to his lack of insulin. Neither do I, but I am certainly not going to judge him for it. Why not? Well one - I am not a repulsive douchebag; and two - I actually care about people.
   "We care about people, too. That's why we say these things."
   RUBBISH!! You are full of hate and bitterness and feel that nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around. Maybe your diabetes is out of control and are pissed off about it. Maybe you got it under control by cutting all carbs from your diet and snorting organic protein powder. Good for you. It worked for you. That solution will not work for everyone else.
   Each Type 1 diabetic is different and if you are so knowledgeable about Type 1 diabetes, you would know that. You know about your situation. You don't know about mine. You don't know about the little girl who was diagnosed last week. You certainly don't know about Houdeshell's. Do the world a favor and keep your meaningless, albeit incredibly irritating, opinions to yourself.
   To the normal Type 1 diabetics - do not engage diabullies. All that does is give them more confidence to go forward with whatever platform. Because usually, these parasites feed off of people wanting to know more about their solutions and they get pissed off when people stop listening. Which then leads to their disgusting judgments and behavior. It's best to walk away (and if you like, with your middle finger held high in their direction).
   Type 1 diabetics should be supporting each another, not combating. Each of us is battling a war and it is not with one another.

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