Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: Rhino Fuerte

Thick hair is a blessing and a curse. Yes, thick hair looks beautiful, but it is hell to work with. I find it difficult to keep my hair in a certain style with what I have to work with at home. Everything falls out because my hair has so much weight to it. Tony has the same issue. Thus, our kids do, too.

   I received an opportunity to review Rhino Fuerte - a tub of bright blue hair gel. It seems to be marketed primarily to men, so Tony was excited to try it and so was I.
   I am happy to say the gel does not smell unpleasant. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what the smell is, but it is very gender neutral. And while it might feel slimy at first touch, there is no gross residue covering your hands after you apply it.
Bubbers after rolling around with his new spikes.
   Now, a while ago, we gave our son a mohawk for the summer months. And we have tried to spike it, but were having difficulty finding good products to use in his hair. I was so excited to try the Rhino Fuerte in his hair to get the spikes we were desiring. And it worked! Now, immediately after applying it, Bubbers rolled around and bent a few of a his spike tips, but after the gel set (seconds afterward) there was no stopping his hair! When I woke him up the next morning, the spikes were still there.
   Another bonus to this gel - upon washing it out, there was no flaky residue and it came out extremely easily. No scrubbing was necessary. This is good gel to use in thick hair and for little kids. Recommended.
Full disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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