Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Who loves a Ladies Night?! ME! And I'm super excited for a Ladies Night that is happening tomorrow - Wednesday, Oct. 21 - at Runnings! Have you been in Runnings lately? You
should. And you should do it tomorrow! Check this out - you buy a tote for $2 and whatever you can fit into that tote, you get 15 percent off. And proceeds from the tote sales are donated to breast cancer research.
   Now, it had been a while since I went into a Runnings and when I walked into the store here in Marshall, MN (the
flagship store), I was surprised.
   In Mobridge, SD (near where I grew up), Runnings was always an agricultural store. It was where the ranchers went to get supplies for cattle. I went to the Marshall Runnings a few weeks ago for Bag Balm (which is the BEST diaper cream EVER), and I was greeted with so much more than farming and ranching supplies. I looked to my right when I walked through the doors and saw home d├ęcor that fit into the style I am trying to achieve. I saw lovely and well made boots that would look great on my feet. I saw handbags that I had to add to my collection. I saw Christmas gift ideas for my children, my husband and my father. What was supposed to be a quick ten minute shopping trip extended into 45.
   This is new, I told myself. I never expected this.
   Well, during the last five to ten years, Runnings has been working very hard to change their product mix and sell items and brands that cater to women, considering their role importance in the household and influence on family purchases. Dennis Jensen, director of marketing and advertising, told me that in a recent interview. And they are still carrying on their 65-plus-year reputation of providing quality farm and ranch supplies, sporting goods and automotive materials.
   "We work very hard to offer a fair price on quality, durable and trusted merchandise including clothing, footwear, automotive, sporting goods, farm supplies, lawn and garden, toys, housewares, tools, pet and animal supplies and more," said Dennis Jensen, director of marketing and advertising. "In addition, 20 stores sell firearms."
   With 39 stores located in six states (Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, New York and New Hampshire), Runnings is catering to all of the family needs. As well as to the needs of the communities a store calls home. Jensen said Runnings maintains local involvement in organizations such as 4-H, FFA, Pheasants Forever and more.
   Runnings is expanding its horizons and I am glad I have expanded mine to break the belief that the only reason I will go into Runnings is for Bag Balm. There are now plenty of reasons to shop there. And to quote Mr. Jensen:
   "If you have not checked out Runnings clothing and footwear selection lately, it's worth a look. We have many positive comments from customers who come to us and do not realize the wide selection of clothing and footwear brands we carry."

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