Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: Pure 5:2 Transformation in 21 Days

Raw and healthier foods has been a growing interest of mine and Tony's for a while now. We have a juicer. We both drink at least one vegetable and fruit juice a day. Some days that is all we consume. We also drink Soylent. If you haven't checked that out, you should.

   So, because we are trying to do a lifestyle change, I love to watch documentaries and read books that give us more information and encouragement along the way. I was sent the ebook Pure 5:2 Transformation in 21 Days by Robyn and Geoff Randolph in exchange for an honest review.
   And like the documentary Food Matters, this book really hits home on what exactly you need to put into your body to achieve optimal health. It is truly informative and gives you insight into what foods will help your ailments.
   I also love the recipes included in this book. Eating raw foods and living a healthier lifestyle does not have to be relegated to juicing and nothing but juicing. There are several recipes that prove a raw and healthy diet does not have to be boring. It can be downright delectable!
   If you are looking to lose weight, better your health or make a lifestyle change, I urge you to read this book! You can find it here on Amazon.
Full disclosure: I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


  1. As a recipient of juicing and Soylent while visiting, I am totally convinced that juicing and "green" products for the digestion and whole body is the only way to go. This was a great article...reminding me once again, the importance of staying away from processed foods. Raw is Rockin'!!