Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bad Days

Bad Type 1 diabetic days do happen and they do suck. I've been having a bad day - four days running. My blood sugar is frequently more than 400 and the corrections drop me to around 50.

   It all started when the Lantus I was on stopped working for me - again. I spent the day laying around the house, little to no energy, nauseous, cloudy thinking, muscle aches. A high blood sugar is kind of like the flu, except you have insane thirst on top of it. Tony brought me my new insulin Toujeo, which my doctor prescribed as a replacement for Lantus.
   I was eager to get my blood sugar back down and gave myself a dose right away. I had some luck with dropping. But, the next day, I was high again. I broke down and called my endo, who advised me not to take any extra Toujeo and to check my urine for ketones. I am happy to report that my urine only had trace amounts of ketones. Certainly nothing to get too excited over.
   Yesterday, I spent the first half of the day with high blood sugars. And then it dropped to and stayed around 110. I was ecstatic. But then this morning, I woke up to 389 and even with 14 units of Novolog to compensate, it rose to 400 without eating any carbs. So, I obviously need to play with the Toujeo dosage.
   This is a common problem I have found. I react differently to different insulins. As a child, my mother and I discovered that beef insulin does absolutely nothing for me. I have better control with Novolog than I do with Humalog. And since Lantus reacts extremely to my body chemistry, I have not had very good control with that. The struggle here is to find the right dosage of Toujeo that I need. So, wish me luck to find that balance before my ketones get too high.

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