Friday, September 4, 2015

My Vindicating Endo Appointment

I have received vindication!!!
   For a while, I have been having some issues with the insulin Lantus. Some days it works great and other days, it seems to not work at all. I brought up the issues with general
practitioners and other fellow Type 1 diabetics and have been met, largely, with disbelief. The problem is not the insulin, they told me. The problem is my terrible diet and obviously poor control of my diabetes. The judgment poured over me. And for a while, I was beginning to believe it. If I was the only one in the world (it seemed) who was having this issue, then the problem must be me.
   But then yesterday, I had an appointment with an endocrinologist. One of the best endos I have ever been to. Five years ago, he supervised my progress in a clinical trial for an insulin called SIBA (I've mentioned it before). He saw me every week for almost a year. And when he walked into the room yesterday, he remembered everything - the little nuances that come with me, as they do with every Type 1 diabetic. That is how I know he's good.
   Anyway, I asked him about Lantus and if there are times when it does not work. Indeed, yes, he said. Lantus reacts with body chemistry, which changes on a daily basis, and that reaction will determine how well it works. That is one reason he told me I was under better control when I used SIBA during the trial. SIBA does not react as strongly to body chemistry. Now, it does react, but not as severely as Lantus.
   Unfortunately, SIBA is not on the market yet. But, it will be next year! SCORE! He also told me it will be called a different name. It started with a D, but I do not remember the exact name at this time.
   Those two bits of information - that my extremely high blood sugars upon waking up were due to something wrong with the insulin were true; and that SIBA will be available soon - made my diabetic day!
   I am not the out-of-control, undisciplined, idiotic pig that so many others made me out to be. And the insulin that will give me better control will soon be in my eager hands! VINDICATION IS MINE!!!

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