Friday, July 10, 2015

Review: Killorglin Creations

This is another entry into my Etsy shop reviews. I love finding different shops on that website and it's wonderful when the owners are generous to my readers here on Experience A Life. John and Tara, the owners of Killorglin Creations are such owners.
   I ran across their shop when I was searching for sponsors for the last giveaway hop and I was impressed with what they have available. The items are all leather, glass or stone and are absolutely stunning! This is where the more than 40 years of business is apparent. Yes, Killorglin Creations was
Leather flask
started in 1972 by John's father as an industrial engraving shop. However, in 2010, they switched over to hand crafted gifts and John and Tess do all of the handcrafting themselves.

   "We do several craft shows each year to stay in touch with what the new trends are," said John. "These shows are a great way to communicate face to face with a large amount of people at one time."
   And it is at these shows that Killorglin Creations get a lot of custom work requests. Requests that are also popular with other customers, so John and Tess offer them as regular pieces. Further inspiration comes from frequent (once every 12 to 15 months) visits to Ireland to visit family. The ancient scenery fuels the creative fires.
Engraved leather photograph
   But by far, John and Tess said their favorite pieces in their shop are the Engraved Leather Photographs. "We can take someone's favorite photo such as a wedding, baby or family photo and actually engrave it into leather. The detail we can achieve still blows me away! And fortunately our customers too!!"
Etched mirror
   Not only are the engraved photographs a hit with the customers, but the most popular pieces among clients are leather flasks, engraved bottle openers and handmade wallets.
   Trust me, this is a store you do NOT want to pass up. Birthdays, Christmas, wedding, baby or graduation gifts - you can find it all here that you will not find anywhere else!  

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