Monday, April 27, 2015

Review: Scavenger Shop by SL

I love jewelry! What woman doesn't? And I was excited to find Scavenger Shop by SL on Etsy. Owner S Lasgalen provides different styles of jewelry that are not easy to find elsewhere. You can bet you won't find these in Walmart.
   Lasgalen studied costume and jewelry design in college and has been making creations since childhood. Opening Scavenger Shop one year ago, it is a product of a refocus back to creative endeavors after spending some time as a researcher.
  "My inspiration, for the most part, comes from nature and astronomy," said Lasgalen. "I am absolutely mesmerized by the organic symmetry in leaves and branches, insects and corals, star system and nebulae. But as someone who studied archaeology, I'm also heavily influenced by history and literature. I
am particularly fond of the Bronze Age, Victorian Period and Art Nouveau Movement."
   Both of those loves - of nature and history - were reflected in "The Priestess" necklace. Lasgalen, who declared it a personal favorite, loved the bulkier elements (antlers and quartz) mixed with the delicate wire work. But, fans of Scavenger Shop have a love for the faux pearl earrings and necklace.
   Even though Lasgalen focuses on jewelry, custom orders are taken and can be extended to costumes.
   "I look forward to working with someone to help bring their vision to life."
   Please, go check out Scavenger Shop and place your order!

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  1. She has some very interesting pieces in her shop.
    slehan at juno dot com