Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Review: Foxbrim Dead Sea Mud Mask

I adore good facial masks. They give my face a glorious smoothness that I just cannot get from any other product. Plus, they have a pampering luxurious feel to them as I wear them. There is nothing quite like putting on a silky robe and walking around the house with a mask on your face.
   I received an opportunity from Foxbrim to review their Dead Sea Mud Mask and jumped on it. I had gone too long without a mask in my bathroom cabinet.
   When it arrived in the mail, it had a pleasant heft to it. The rather unassuming label does not begin to speak to the treasure inside. However, it does speak to other very important aspects of this product. For one, it has nothing to do with China. With all of the faulty products being shipped in from there, it is important to me to use items that come from elsewhere. Anyway, this product is imported from Israel and bottled in the US of A! It is not tested on animals and only has two ingredients - mud from the Dead Sea and grapefruit seed extract to preserve freshness.
   Now, the Dead Sea is renowned for having silt and mud that purifies your skin. And now it's been bottled and is able to shipped right to your house! And it is so worth it!
   I felt a delightful tingle as I applied it to my face. And there was not an overwhelming aroma drifting up my nose as I wore it. As I left it on my skin for 10 minutes, I could feel it hardening and I was excited to see what the outcome was going to be. Once it was dry, I went to the bathroom and washed it off with lukewarm water and patted my face dry. It almost felt like air was hitting my face for the first time. Never had my skin felt so clean before.
   I then put it to the ultimate test. I had Tony feel my face and he was amazed at how smooth and soft my skin felt. This is the best facial mask I have ever tried in my entire life! At only $25 it is really worth it. I urge you to get on Amazon and place an order today!
Full disclosure: I was sent a container from Foxbrim, free of charge, for an honest and unbiased review.

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