Friday, March 20, 2015


If you are anything like me, you struggle with finding the
perfect accents for a room in your home. I can find plenty of cute things, but I don't want to know that my neighbor three doors down has the same one and I don't want to pay a butt-load for it. When I found Veritas Inspired on Etsy, I knew that it would get a lot easier. Here was a store with exactly what I was looking for - cute quality at the right price!
   Owner Anna has been working with metal décor a few years ago and opened her Etsy shop in 2012. Having moved to the
United States from Krakow Poland in 1994, she draws her inspiration from old European houses and churches dating back to the ninth century. As well as the narrow streets, flea markets and market squares found overseas.
   Her customers appreciate that inspiration, especially in her skeleton key holder. "It is so classic, timeless yet functional," said Anna. "My husband keeps begging me to make one for us to hang keys by the entrance, but I am simply too busy making them for my customers."
   Understandable, since Anna estimates she sells hundreds of them every year.
   Anna does do custom orders. Her most memorable request was for various colors of owl hooks for a gentleman who worked for the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. She also gets requests from boutiques for custom hooks for dressing rooms. So, you just might see her work while you try on that awesome pair of jeans!
   I plan on ordering a skeleton key hook for our entrance. I need a hook to hang my purse. I have a one-year-old boy who loves to dive into my purse when I place it on the floor as I take off my shoes. The hook would solve that problem and look very stylish with the décor I have going on!
   Please visit Veritas Inspired and order something for your home!

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