Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Buying recycled products gives me an awesome feeling - a feeling of purity that comes from knowing that materials were not wasted. Shari Bradstream, owner of HorsePlay Products, makes everything from recycled materials. She takes items that people no longer want and turns them into works of art! Talk about living the green life!
   "I have always wanted to do recycled crafts and have thrifty products that others would find fun, yet functional," said Bradstream. "I am very conscious of waste and seeing that we are a country that has gotten to used to 'throw away', I felt it was time for me to make my own personal statement about recycling. So, here it is."
  Quite a statement. I love the way she transforms discarded items into fashionable pieces for your self and your home. I personally love the Blue Jeans purse. It's fun and funky. I'm getting into acquiring purses and this would go perfectly with my growing collection. The purses found on HorsePlay Products are made with a lot of love and time and Bradstream's proclaimed love can be found in each stitch. Her customers seem to love them just as much. Her felted wool bags and purses have drawn the most interest.
   Bradstream also takes custom orders. She described custom orders as a very important aspect for customers to express their preferences. Her most memorable piece thus far was a
small wool backpack. The customer who requested it gave it to her daughter, who Bradstream said LOVED it!
   If you have an appreciation for fashionable, recycled material, I urge you to check out HorsePlay Products. Bradstream has objects for your home and accessories for your wardrobe. Each is one of a kind and proudly made in the USA!
   Bradstream opened her Etsy shop in the last six months and was a sponsor in the Lucky March giveaway hop.
Full disclosure: The owner of HorsePlay Products is my mother-in-law.

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