Saturday, March 14, 2015

10 Foods To Try Before You Die

One of the easiest ways to experience something different in your life is to try different foods. I'm a big believer in it, but I'm not looking to go overboard. I know in some countries, they dine on knee cartilage. I don't think so. But, I can still have culinary experiences without getting the heebie-jeebies. And so can you.
   Here is a list of foods that everyone should at least try before they die. Give it a shot and you might open yourself up to a new favorite.

1) Sushi. Obviously. Everyone should try this at least once.
There are many different kinds of sushi. If you are leery about eating raw fish, start with a sushi roll that has a mixture of crab and vegetables. I love to dunk mine in soy sauce. Tony loves to drench his in soy sauce and wasabi. But beware the wasabi. It will burn your sinuses.

2) Rocky Mountain Oysters. Bull balls. Mmmmm. I've had plenty of opportunity to try these, but I have been too chicken
to do so. However, I know of a place in Rapid City, SD that serves them. You can bet the next time I go, I will order some and split them with my husband.

3) Haggis. Again, one I have not tried, but really all I have to do is attend a Celtic festival and it will be there. The thought
of eating internal organs stuffed in a stomach has never really appealed to me, but Tony said it's really not that bad. He said it's very savory and has a nutty flavor.

4) Pheasant. Yes, it's a pretty bird. PRETTY TASTY! Pheasant is a white meat. It almost tastes like chicken, but it has an extra zip that is difficult to
describe. It can be fairly expensive if you buy it in a restaurant or in a grocery store, so it's best to shoot the bird yourself and then eat. Be careful cooking it, though. The meat is delicate and can easily dry out.

5) Gumbo. This southern Creole dish can be made many different ways. It is a thick soup that I love to serve over rice. I usually make mine with crab, shrimp, okra and sausage. I have two varieties - mild and nuclear.

6) Peach Pie Juice. Technically, not a food, but this is probably the healthiest item on this list. And it's really easy to make . . . if you have a juicer. Juice three carrots and one peach. Add half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix it all together and VOILA!! It's my favorite juice - flavorful and nutritious.

7) Baklava. The king of the Greek desserts! Although the origin of this crispy, flaky, honeyed delight is debatable. The
layers of phyllo dough melt in your mouth and the honey coats your tongue. The nuts are cooked perfectly, not being too crunchy or too soggy. If you're a diabetic, take extra insulin.

8) Indian Taco. The crowning jewel of this dish is the frybread. Moist and flavorful, all of the taco meat and fixings are piled on top of it. If you attend an Indian taco feed, try to get a piece of frybread that is a lovely golden brown. If it's too dark, it will be a little tough to eat. If you make Indian tacos at home and you have leftover frybread, it can be used for breakfast in the morning. Stick the frybread in the microwave, slap some jelly on it and you're done.

9) Crickets. I was so close to trying crickets at the Tulsa Fair this past year, but I couldn't find the vendor that had them. I finally worked up the nerve AND I COULDN'T FIND IT!! I was disappointed. From what I hear, they are delightfully crunchy and nutty. And a good source of protein.

10) Kuchen. The German word for cake, there are different varieties, but the one that I love the most is the official dessert of South Dakota. It is a pie with a thick crust and a custard-like filling. There are varieties to try. A very popular one is rhubarb. I prefer the cheese kuchen. A lot of people love the peach and also the apple.


  1. well... some of these foods I will probably never try... lol. But I will say that I have tried Baklava and it is delicious. Also, the Indian tacos sound interesting. When we travel to Guatemala to visit hubby's family, I usually tell him NOT to tell me what kind of meat I am eating if it is something that I am enjoying lol. The part about crickets is interesting, I probably would not eat them-but in Guatemala in May they have these huge ant like things zompopos I think they are called, and his daughter usually eats them along with her inlaws. Maybe one day I will get up the nerve to try them...

    1. Zompopos? I have never heard of them, but you have me intrigued.

  2. Mmm baklavas are so delicious!! I love to eat them when they are freshly made and still warm!

    1. The warm, buttery, flakiness of fresh baklava is the best, definitely!