Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Do you love finding that perfect T-shirt that is not seen on everyone else? One that is not purchased from a box store? One this is made right here in the U.S. of A.? Look no further than Seven Miles Per Second, an Etsy store owned by Patrick and Annie.
   Featured on Buzzfeed, this store not only has T-shirts, but also baby onesies, backpacks, cards and more. One of their T-shirts, a Roots T-shirt, was featured in the Under the
Rainbow giveaway hop here on Experience A Life. The Roots T-shirt features each U.S. state so you can proudly proclaim where you originate from.
   "Our inspiration for the state T-shirts came from the fact that Patrick was born and raised in one state and Annie in another," they said. "Patrick (the one no longer living in his birth state) was always looking for products that displayed his 'roots.' We added the 'made' designs soon after because we believe where you're born has a great influence on the type of person you become."
   That 'made' aspect has generated Patrick and Annie's favorite piece - the 'made' baby onesies. "Customer tell us
they use them as a way to announce to family that they're expecting, to bring their newborns home from the hospital or as a unique shower or new baby gift for a loved one," they said. "We were thrilled when a celebrity ordered two of them!"
   The customers side with Patrick and Annie in favorite piece, even though  it is tied with one of their Mother's Day cards - 'Mom, Thanks to you I'm a Bitch' - which was featured on Buzzfeed and TrendHunter.
   While the items already in the Seven Miles Per Second shop are awesome, you can request custom orders. The most memorable order Seven Miles received was two different Susan G. Komen 3-Day T-shirts for a team that was participating. "We had fun following the FB postings during the event and cheering them on."
   So, they not only fulfill their customers wishes, but they also lend their support! Awesome!
   I urge you to check out Seven Miles Per Second some cute additions to your wardrobe, or for gifts for your loved ones.

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