Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review: Andrew's Reclaimed

There is no doubt that the green and eco-friendly movement is gaining more and more traction every week. More people
are seeking ways to leave a smaller impression on the Earth. Husband and wife team Andrew and Melissa, owners of Andrew's Reclaimed, are turning that desire into a business with an Etsy shop. They use recycled material and turn them into lovely, modern, practical pieces for your home.

The Multi-Purpose Wall Hooks featured in the
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   It started when Andrew was a child. "[I] used recycled wood to help build my neighbor's deck and discovered how old wood can look new again when re-sawn," he said.
   He's been using that knowledge and experience gained over the years in Seattle, Wash. to make a variety of useful household items, such as coat hooks, planters, docking stations and candle holders. It all stems from where Andrew draws his inspiration, which he describes as threefold.
   "1) The material available, its condition and limitations; 2) Simplicity; and 3) Our own household needs (basic, pretty, durable stuff you want to just buy once)." 
   If none of the items on Andrew's Reclaimed catch your fancy, he said they also take custom orders! "We love custom work. Most memorable was actually a music stand I built for a couple."
   And Andrew's Reclaimed has gotten incredible reviews from consumers on Etsy, giving Andrew and Melissa a five-star rating!

Succulent Planters
   "Very cool! Nicely made and easy to install. I've received compliments on them - even from the guy at the hardware store who is a retired wood worker. Shipped quickly."
   That was just one review of more than 1,500. According to Andrew, his customers really like his Succulent Planters - his most popular piece. Andrew himself does not have a favorite piece of his own. "I really, truly do not have a favorite. I am happy with most of our work for different reasons."

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