Thursday, November 20, 2014

Different Things To Do for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, but traditions can get tiresome. Growing up, the tradition in my house was the women made the huge meal, the women did the dishes and clean-up afterward while indulging in gossip and the men retired to the living room to watch football and take naps. 
   I know plenty of other households then and now have the same tradition. Is it me? Or is that tradition rather one-sided? I'm all for trying new things, so lets throw some out there. 
1) The menu. Our meal was turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet
Or do as this little guy suggests and
forgo the turkey. Gobblers will
be thankful.
 potatoes, frog-eye salad, canned cranberries, rolls, Stove Top stuffing, a veggie tray, canned green beans and canned corn. With a plethora of pie to choose from for dessert. 

   I wanted to switch things up so badly every year. So, when I started to have my own Thanksgiving, I did just that. Every year, the menu is different - a different turkey, different stuffing, different sides and I have found favorites that way. My wild mushroom stuffing has been requested once more and its a tie between my sage and onion turkey vs my diabetic orange glazed turkey. 

2) Get the lazy moving. Luckily, Tony always helps me with the meal (my husband rocks), but if you have a straggler who frequently opts out of the work, give them something to do. Chances are, they are not doing anything, because they have not been asked and are looking to avoid your radar.

3) Switch the programming. Make it a movie if you are not into football. Have everyone agree on one. If you have someone who is complaining about not watching football, tell them to suck it up or go watch the game elsewhere.

4) Turn off the programming. TV does not have to be the central theme after the meal. Play some fun board or card games.

5) Get your craft on. This is a good way to keep the kids busy. Get a variety of craft materials and tell them to go wild! Join in on the fun of creation!

6) Scavenger hunt. Everyone should get up and move after that big meal! Put together a scavenger hunt and give the winner a prize!

   I hope this helps you have a Thanksgiving that is just a little different. Tradition is good, but sometimes you get so bogged down in tradition that you close yourself off from new experiences. 

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