Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday Suggestion

For the first time this year, I will participate in Black Friday. For years, I have been anti-Black Friday, opting instead to relax in my pajamas with my family, eating Thanksgiving leftovers and wondering what atrocities people were committing to get their hands on more stuff. 
   But, I will not be at Best Buy, KMart, Target, the mall and hell-to-the-NO Walmart. I will be at a mom and pop store. This store has everything that I need for my Christmas shopping. 
   They are not opening their doors early. They are not putting out a strong advertising campaign about the deals they will offer. The crowd in the store will be minimal compared to what it will be at the box stores and the malls. 
   I like that. I don't want to see people behaving like animals over stuff that they don't need. I don't want to see corporate greed fueling this behavior. 
   I want to see a store and its owners treating Black Friday like any other special sale day. I want to see customers who respect their fellow shoppers enough not to punch them out or steal their finds. I want to give my hard earned money to people who also work hard, who will use that money to buy gifts for their children. I honestly don't see the Waltons using any money I spend in Walmart on Black Friday to get loved ones presents that will be valued. Plus, by spending my money at the mom and pop store, I know the money will go back into my community.
   So, I will support this store in their Black Friday sale. And I strongly urge you to give your business to the small mom and pop stores who are also open on this dark day of consumerism. 

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