Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's Wednesday. What Are Your Plans?

It's Wednesday. HUMP DAY! YAY! For those of us who have jobs, it being Wednesday can be a cause for celebration. It's
half-way through the week. For those of us who stay at home, it's just another day, as the days of the week bleed together. Weekends do not mean much to those who stay at home - unless you have spouses who are off on the weekends or it's during the school year and your kids are home for two days straight.
   It does not have to be another dull day at home. Get out and do something. Or, do something at home that breaks the monotony of life. It does not have to be big and brilliant. Just something different. Here are some suggestions on what you can do:

1) Paint a room. I just finished painting my daughter's bedroom. She has spent the past month in South Dakota and I thought her room could use a touch-up. Her walls went from white (with plenty of washable wall paint residue) to a Disney pink. Not only did I do her walls, but I bought her some curtains, a clock, a table lamp and some wall decals. Most of the stuff I bought at a nearby consignment store called Round the House. All in all, the entire redecorating of her room cost me $100. Not bad for a total revamp. And it's kind of exciting when you see the finished product.

2) Take up cross-stitch. My grandmother would always cross-stitch and I developed an interest in it at a young age. I go through spurts of cross-stitching enjoyment. I love staring at the blank piece of fabric and knowing that soon it will be covered in detailed stitches.

3) Mix it up. I spent some time as a bartender in Rapid City, SD. I love creating different drinks for my friends to try. So far, my Tequila Sours have been a big hit. My Cucumber Mint Fizzes were well received, but not as much. I even infused cloves in a bottle of vodka to experiment with. So, run to your local liquor store, buy some spirits and some mixers and experiment with different recipes (or create something all your own). There is nothing that says you can't have a few stiff drinks in the middle of the afternoon (or morning for that matter).  

4) Take a class. It does not matter what class, as long as it piques your interest. There are pottery classes, ventriloquism classes, dance classes, cooking classes. Go online and see what classes are available in your area. If there are none, find someone nearby who does something you find fascinating. Ask them if they would be willing to teach you. For example, in Timber Lake, SD, a gentleman used to make Damascus knives. Beautiful, stunning pieces of work. He has taught a few people the trade.

5)  Photograph. Break out your camera and head outside. Try your hand at some awesome nature shots. Do not get discouraged when not every shot is an Ansel Adams. Just keep shooting until you have captured what you believe is an awesome photo. And then have it framed.

6) Dance. It doesn't matter what style or what music. Crank up the tunes and dance like no one is watching. Not only will it give you an emotional life, but it's also great exercise.

7) Is it raining? Quick! Run outside and jump in a puddle!

8) Go to your nearby playground and swing. Who doesn't love to swing?

9) Pamper yourself. Go to a local salon and get your nails done. Get your eyebrows waxed. Get a facial. Get a new hairstyle.

10) Write something - with a pen. Have you ever sat down and written a poem or a short story in long-hand? The creativity just pours out of you and onto the page! It can be exhilarating! Especially when you allow the story or poem to write itself.

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