Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Different Things To Do In Oklahoma

This post kicks off a series of 10 different things to do in each state. I started with Oklahoma, because well, that's where I am. And I am curious about different things to do in my current state. Some of the things will cost money, and hopefully, some of them will not. But, each item will be different. For example, I am not going to list a whole bunch of state parks. That's just boring.

1) Museum of Osteology - What to learn about bones? Here is an excellent place to start right in Oklahoma City. This museum showcases more than 300 skeletons on display. That's a lot of bones. Take your kids there. Go get some education yourself or just go there for shits and giggles! I can think of plenty of hilarious pictures to take at a museum full of skeletons. Children are $6. Adults cost $7.

2) Route 66. Yes, this historic route goes right through Oklahoma and right through Tulsa! Jump in your car and drive across the state. I'm sure you will see plenty of points of interest, as they seem to be scattered all over Route 66 (around Tulsa they are anyway).

3) Braum's Family Farm. This dairy farm is located near Tuttle and you can take a tour of the facility. To top if off, you get a sample of Braum's ice cream. I never experienced Braum's ice cream until moving to Tulsa and it is marvelous! Ben & Jerry's have NOTHING on these guys! I am a fan of the butter pecan, but my husband adores the chocolate covered cupcake. And this experience is free!

4) Body Harmony Day Spa. Experiencing life does not have to be exciting. It can be sinfully relaxing as well. Escape from the stresses of every day with a memory foam mattress, a Dead Sea salt scrub and a massage. I have been a spa once in my life in Texas and that was for a full body wrap that was supposed to shave inches off of you. Did it work? A little bit, but I would go back just for the peace and harmony.

5) Hickory Ridge Ranch. Grab your rifle! And get your dinner! Or just a trophy for your wall. Growing up, I went on a few hunting excursions with my dad - mainly pheasant (which is SOOOOO good!). My job was to control the dogs. I have never shot an animal, but I would for the experience. Hickory Ride Ridge Ranch in Lamar provides deer, elk and turkey. Go to the website to find rates (because they are hefty). It's much cheaper to get a license from the state and find a rancher who will allow you to hunt on his or her land. But, if you are a newcomer to the game of hunting, the Hickory Ridge Ranch might be the place for you.

6) Girls Gone Wine. Hooray for alcohol! The liquid courage that helps you lose your inhibitions! Get some of your friends together to sample some wine in Broken Bow. Not only can you sample, but you can create your own wine. How much does it cost? Well, prices vary depending on what type of wine you make.

7) Old Pink Truck. Ever gone antiquing? If not, start here in Tulsa with this store. I just love the name of it. I have found a few treasures while antiquing. The last one was a set of metal cocktail picks that look like miniature swords. Made in Spain, it was a perfect addition to our growing in-house bar. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had a set of these when he was growing up, so finding it also served as a bit of nostalgia.

8) Arbuckle Trail Rides. Riding a horse for the first time is a wonderful experience. I grew up on a ranch and rode horse quite a bit. The majority of my riding occurred during the summer during the AI season, in which I would use my horse (either appaloosa Casper or quarter-horse Tex) to separate cows in heat from the rest of the herd and then drive them into the barn. If you have never ridden, a trail ride would be a good place to start. You can become familiar with the saddle and how a horse moves. You can become familiar with how to properly sit in the saddle and how to grip with your legs.

This is the Kentucky Daisy Suite at the Stone Lion Inn (and the prices are listed!)
9) Stone Lion Inn. Get in touch with the supernatural part of life. The Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie is considered one of the most haunted locations in Oklahoma. Spend the night, go to a murder mystery theater. Take your camera and video recorder with you! And if you capture anything, share it with me!

10) Skydive Airtight. This is one thing that I will never touch. I will never jump out of a plane. I am absolutely terrified of heights! But, that does not mean you should not. I give props to anyone who has the courage to do so!

Now, get up and get out! Go live a life!

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