Monday, July 21, 2014

Experience You Don't Need: Bridezilla

Go out and live a life and have new experiences. I'm all for that. But, there are some experiences that do not have a place in your life. Experiencing a life is not just about making
memories, but it's also about making those memories good ones. Now, tell me where a bridezilla fits into that picture?
   I have been watching the show. I find it fascinating. And I figured out why it's so fascinating. Bridezillas are like serial killers, who I also find fascinating. These people (both types) treat others so horribly and I do not understand it. I want to figure out why they act that way and how in the world they got the idea in their head that it was okay to treat people the way they do. Serial killers kill the physical lives of their victims and bridezillas kill the friendships they had with their victims.
   I have not been involved in a bridezilla wedding. I came close a couple times, but was thankfully spared. So far, the weddings that I have been in have all been laid-back. Which, kudos to me for picking out awesome friends! I was not a bridezilla either. My maid-of-honor, on the day of my wedding, as we were getting our hair done, made a comment that I need to bring out my inner bridezilla. I do not even remember what made her say that. Obviously, something was not going according to plan and I was just rolling with it. She was saying it had to be done this way and she marched out the door saying she was going to be the bridezilla for me. I let her go her way.
   Perhaps the only moment I had that could be construed as a bridezilla moment occurred during my reception. There was a fire near the town my family's ranch is located near (well, 10 miles near). My wedding was taking place in a town 30 miles away from the ranch. And my dad wanted to leave and go fight the fire. That caused me to break down in tears and run to the ladies room. A number of people rushed in to see if I was okay. Which I was and I didn't really want them to witness my emotional breakdown. I got over it after everyone assured me my dad was not going to leave. And then I apologized to my dad for breaking down.
   But, back to the subject matter at hand. The abuse that I have seen on that show is repulsive! I do not get it! How did these brides get to be that way? How is that behavior justified? I know it is "her day" but it is just one day. The relationships that bride has with her family, husband and friends last longer than just one day and they are all in jeopardy afterward. I, for one, would not put up with that behavior. And I don't understand how some people would just take that abuse. YOU ARE WORTH MORE! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH IT. And if you do, you are an ENABLER! That is right, you are enabling that behavior and you invite more of that abuse into your life by doing so.
   You do not have to experience that. So, do yourself a favor. If you are involved in a bridezilla wedding, bid her good-bye. If she is really your friend, she will understand that she cannot act that way and will seek to be in your life with a positive, respectful manner. If she does not, then maybe she was never your friend to begin with and you can spend your energy on other friends who are worthy of you!
   We all only have one life to live. It is far too short to waste on bridezillas. Experience a life, not abuse. Leave the bridal party, take your bridesmaids dress and use it to dress up for an evening of bar hopping!

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