Monday, August 22, 2016

Review: Mitaki-Japan Clock with Hidden Safe

My husband has a love affair with safes. He loves them - all shapes and sizes and if one is made to look like something else, he falls even more in love with it.

   That is why I got this clock safe. It looks awesome, especially for the money it costs. However when it arrived, I was expecting more. I am okay with the fact that the clock looks like the standard clocks you find in almost every single elementary and high school classroom in the country. It is almost comforting. It kind of gives you the sense of non-change in an ever-changing world. That clock will always be around.
   Now, on to the not-so-great. This clock is not well made. It is made of cheap, thin plastic. You definitely do not want to store anything that has any weight on the shelves hidden behind the face of the clock. The shelves are ideal for paper money, some precious family rings, maybe a watch. Once, when I opened and shut it, I was afraid I broke it because I heard a crack. I could not find the source of the sound, though. I inspected all of the plastic and could not find the crack. I am assuming I weakened it somewhere and that it will show it's face sooner or later.
   This would be a good gift for a kid who is interested in spies, but definitely not for a spouse.
Full disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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