Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Night ProVision USB Rechargeable Taillight

Yes, it is cold outside, but that does not mean I cannot get items for warmer weather. Like items for bicycle riding. Now, I do not have a bike myself, but my daughter does and she loves it! You can bet that whenever she plays outside in the warmer weather, she is riding her bicycle.

   And I love that. She's getting awesome exercise and having fun. But, I do sometimes worry about her not being seen by drivers in the street. While she mainly rides her bike on the sidewalks, occasionally she rides across the road to get to another sidewalk. I like to have items that will make her stand out to drivers - especially when the sun is making it's descent.
   The Night ProVision USB Rechargeable Taillight is an item that helps me do that. It is bright and water and shock resistant. So, I know it will stand up to her rough and tumble riding. I like that you can change the intensity of the light, as well.
   The best part? No batteries. As the name suggests, you can charge it with a USB cable, which it already comes with. Now, I do wish the attachment mechanism was more reliable, but that it nothing my mechanic husband cannot fix.
Full disclosure: I was sent this item free of charge, and received compensation, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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