Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: NatuerLabs Mouth Guard

I have a confession to make. I grind my teeth - a lot. I've done it my whole life and now, at the age of 34, my teeth are teeny. I had a dentist who once compared them to adult teeth that were coming in.
   I'm not sure why I do it, but it happens every night in my sleep - much to my husband's dismay. I also do it
occasionally when I am suffering from a low blood sugar. From what I understand, it is a very unpleasant noise.
   I finally got a NatuerLabs Mouth Guard to help protect my teeth and to help my husband get a more restful night's sleep. I am happy to say that so far, I have no complaints. At first, wearing this mouth guard at night was uncomfortable. There was some slight pinching going on, but I think I just had to get used to it. Also, I am a chronic mouth breather, so I have had to make some adjustments in my nightly breathing habits. So, the mouth guard is not all peaches and cream. However, I am also happy to report that my teeth are no longer grinding together. My husband has not heard any unpleasant noises coming from my side of the bed.
   This is a good product to get for teeth grinders. Check them out on Amazon.
Full disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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