Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Review: RTGS Micro LED 15 String Lights

I love having different lighting options in my house. Usually, it's flooded with natural light, as I leave the windows open and the sunshine pours in. However, when the sun begins to set, I begin to turn on lights. And my favorite lights to set mood at home or in social situations are string lights. It does not matter what color they are.

   RTGS Products sent me five colors of Micro LED 15 String Lights - red, blue, green, white and pink. I placed the blue lights around a canvas photo of the earth, which is the focal point in my living room. I used the red lights on the headboard in my bedroom to set the mood. I used the white lights above the window in my kitchen. I have yet to hang the green or pink, as I am conflicted as to where they will go.
   But these are amazing! So small and delicate and yet so bright! They are easily attached to any surface with simple tape. The string is so fine that it is barely detectable. Almost the only way people will know you have string lights set up is when you turn them on.
   Another wonderful thing about these lights is that they are not plugged in. Each string runs on two CR2032 batteries. And the battery container is very small and compact. It is not heavy at all and can easily be concealed behind or under a shelf. Since they are LED, they are very energy efficient. The strings do not suck the batteries dry shortly after being turned on. The batteries can run for 24 continuous hours. Since the lights are not constantly on, I would say that is pretty good.
   I would recommend these for anyone who loves string lights and especially for Christmas. Check them out!
Full disclosure: I was sent these products for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  1. These are wonderful, I don't have any but a friend does and she sprinkles them all over her backyard tree :)