Monday, August 3, 2015

Move Over Jareth!

Remember the movie Labyrinth? And David Bowie (DREAMY!!) as Jareth? He was pretty handy with those
crystals. Well, Michael Moschen - the professional contact juggler - was handy with them as he hid behind Bowie's form.
   Ever since I saw that movie I wanted to learn the art of contact juggling. It looks entertaining and fun! My husband knew of this desire and recently got me a ball to start. It's heavier than what I imagined.
   I went onto YouTube and watched different videos of people contact juggling to try to learn. The big one I want to learn is called the Wiper. Your arm and hand perform the movement of a windshield wiper and the ball flows up and over your fingertips with every pass. I think it's awesome, but from what I understand it is a basic move.
   I practice with my ball about half an hour every day - about as long as my carpal tunnel will allow me. And since I mentioned that - my carpal tunnel is improving! My right hand has a wider range of movement after I get done practicing. I am thinking that surgery might not be necessary as long as continue to do this.
   I have only been practicing for a couple weeks and thus far, I am happy to report that nothing has been broken. I almost broke the passenger side window on our Honda Odyssey over the weekend during a long road trip (a couple times) but everything in my household (and outside) remains intact.
   This is something that I can now cross off of my "experience" list. Am I an expert? Far from it, but I am giving it a good go! It also gives me something new and interesting to do as I carry out my day to day tasks. It is fun and it obviously has some benefits to my overall physical well being.
   It's not that expensive to begin (the cost of a ball - how much can that be?) and it costs nothing to learn.
   And maybe someday I can add some more balls into my future repertoire, but for the time being, I will continue learning the Wiper and in so doing, wipe away some of the redundancy of day to day life.

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