Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: Thyroid Rite

It is an unfortunate fact that Type 1 diabetics commonly have thyroid issues. Once those hit, the weight starts to steadily pack on. I've noticed some weight gain in the past few months, but I am not sure if it is due to a change in activity level and diet or thyroid. I'm assuming it is the former,
because I've tried other products that have given me some weight loss.
   However, since I have yet to get my thyroid tested, I decided to take the opportunity from 100 Naturals to try their Thyroid Rite supplement. It supports healthy thyroid function and metabolism. Since I have been a Type 1 diabetic for 27 years, my thyroid could probably use all of the support it can get. Luckily, these supplements are all natural ingredients and if I can avoid chemicals and drugs, I will.
   I cannot say whether or not I have gotten some weight loss due to these supplements, but I do know that I do not have a dip in energy as the day goes on. Fatigue has never been a big problem for me (unless my blood sugar is on the fritz), but I do have periods in the day when my energy bottoms out and I don't really want to do anything.
   And while I have never had a problem with mood swings, I find that I am generally just in a better mood throughout the day.
   So, I do recommend giving this a try if you are a Type 1 diabetic and thyroid issues are something you are dealing with, or are afraid might be up and coming. Even if you are not a Type 1, it is something you should give a go. You can get it on Amazon for $29.45.
Full disclosure: I was sent a bottle of this supplement at no cost in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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