Saturday, May 30, 2015

Choose a Type 1 Support Group That's Right For You

Having Type 1 diabetes can be a challenge while you are dealing with every day life. So, it's nice to find fellow Type 1 diabetics that are willing to listen to you and give you support and suggestions when things go wrong. I thought I had found
that in an online group . . . I was wrong, so I left.
   Back story: When my blood sugar is below 100 before bedtime, I load up on carbs to prevent insulin reactions in the middle of the night. Those have been regular incidents for me for the past 27 years. I had a low blood sugar of 57. I drank a Capri Sun, two peppermint discs and five Doritos (palette cleanser as I don't like a sugary taste lingering in my mouth) - in total: roughly 35 carbs. Healthy? No, but when you're low you really don't care about the nutritional value - just getting your blood sugar up. Anyway, I woke up the next morning with a blood sugar in the 300s.
   Just an anomaly, I thought. But, throughout the day, my blood sugar stayed relatively high. The next night before bed, my blood sugar was 89. I drank a Capri Sun - 19 carbs - and woke up to 407 (blech). My endo had previously suggested I eat a snack before bed of  roughly 15 carbs to prevent lows, as long as my blood sugar was between 130 and 200, so I knew my carb intake was sound. I knew something was wrong. And that something had to do with my long-lasting insulin. It was acting like it was not working.
   I posted my problem and my suspicion that my long-lasting insulin had gone bad. I was pounced upon by some members of that group. They insisted that it was the amount of carbs and the quality of food I had eaten. I told them I was going to switch long-lasting injection pens and see if that helped, because a carb load with a low blood sugar before bed is standard for me. Anyway, I switched and I fixed. I was back to normal. My blood sugars were running fine and when I had another low before bed - 77 - I drank a Capri Sun. I woke up to 124. And I let them know. I told them the problem was fixed and I was right. Done deal.
   They didn't let it go. They insisted that long-lasting doesn't go bad unless you expose it to hours and hours of sunlight. They insisted that I was wrong and that the carbs I had before bed were the real culprit. It was becoming irritating, so I deleted that post on the group. Then, one of them sought me out on another post I had created (a completely different subject) and attacked me there. That was when I knew I was in the wrong group. I don't have time for Type 1 trolls.
   I enjoyed my time there and I ran across some wonderful people, but I knew at that point that these people in the group would not let it go. 
   The long and the short of it - if you are a Type 1 and are looking for a support group, find one that supports and listens to you, that gives you what you need to get through this day-to-day disease. If you are a veteran of this disease, you know what works best for you. You are the expert - on you, not on anyone else because each Type 1 is different.
   You do not need to be saddled with other Type 1s jumping down your throat because they are convinced they know the answer. Find a group that works for you. I know I will.

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