Monday, June 6, 2016

So Long, Gray! Hello Nebula!

Gray hair. It is a something that has plagued me since I was a child. I had streaks of white and silver in my hair by the time I got to high school. My bangs turned white early in my 20s, making people comment on how I reminded them of Rogue from X-Men. I will totally take that as a compliment. She's HOT!
   But, now that I am in my 30s, people have begun to ask my daughter if I am her grandmother. Excuse me?! Is it wrong for me to indulge in my natural white hair? I know many women feel gray hair is a symbol of age, but it never was for me. So, I suppose I have a different view of it.
   Now, I have been dying my hair since I was 16. I would let the color grow out from time to time and people were split down the middle on what looked best - color or natural. So, every so often, I would venture to the drug store to pick up a box of hair dye. What mood would I be in when I got there? Red? Brown? Black? I tried it all (Except for blonde. Not going to go there).  But, for the past two years, I have not had a desire to dye my hair. I wanted to know what my natural hair looked like. Now, it's all white and gray. I'm told it's trendy and I believe it. Personally, I like it, but having people ask if I am a grandmother is rather annoying.
   So, I made a deal with my Girl Scout troop (since my daughter is one of the Scouts and she wanted me to dye my hair). If they sold all of their cookies, they would get to choose my hair color. They gasped in excitement. At the next meeting, I was told I had to get galaxy hair if they win the bet. Huh??? I found some pictures online and it certainly looked interesting and something I had never tried before. I was game. A few months later, their sales were incredible! Not only did they raise enough money for them all to go to camp this summer, but I also had to go to the salon to get my brand new hair.
   Afterward, my hair was bright and vibrant blue and purple, with some pink. And it certainly looked awesome, but the salon could have done a better job. I still had some gray spots, but since I knew it was going to fade drastically in two weeks, I let it go. Now, instead of people asking if I am a grandmother, I have people telling me they love my hair and that I remind them of a bag of cotton candy! It's good to sometimes go against the grain with your style.

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