Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: Intelligent Pure Ultra Pure Omega 3

I am usually apprehensive when it comes to taking omega-3 supplements. The reason being is that I detest the fishy aftertaste that some of them leave. You know, it lingers in your mouth, makes your burps take even more disgusting. I would find some supplements that would claim no aftertaste, but they usually came up short.

   This supplement however, does not give me that fishy aftertaste and it still gives me the benefits of omega-3.
   The benefits include lower triglycerides, which is a big deal since high cholesterol run in my family. Another benefit is reduction of depression. I have had two bouts of depression in my life and those were dark times. I work hard every day to keep it suppressed. I'm not working as hard with this supplement. Yet another benefit is controlling ADHD. I'm pretty sure my daughter has ADHD, but a doctor has not diagnosed her . . . and never will. I have been giving her one supplement every morning and she seems to be more focused. I would recommend this supplement.
Full disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge, and received compensation, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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