Thursday, September 11, 2014

Different Things To Do In North Dakota

No doubt you have heard North Dakota in the news over the past couple years. With the oil boom going on in the Bakken formation in North Dakota, people are flocking there to earn a decent living - and most of them are getting it, too.
   But a lot of people outside of North Dakota stop and say: "What in the world is there to do in North Dakota?"
   Well, let me tell you:

1) Badlands Trail Rides. Nope. Not the famous Badlands in South Dakota. The North Dakota Badlands are located in the southwestern corner of the state. If you go to the Eastview Campground in Killdeer, you will have the opportunity to sit on the back of a horse and experience the rugged beauty of the land.

2) Assumption Abbey. Benedictine monks are not the first thing that come to mind when you think of Richardton, North Dakota. Yet, they are there and this monastery offers a Romanesque Abbey Church for public viewing.

3) Papa's Pumpkin Patch. Located in Bismarck, you can walk through hay bale mazes (FREE!), take the obstacle course (FREE!), go on a hay ride (small fee) and more. Perfect for the fall season and Halloween outings!

4) Buffalo hunting. The good thing is these animals are no longer on the verge of extinction! In fact, they are in abundance. Otherwise, people would not be allowed to hunt them, of course. The Bison Ranch in Pingree will give you the opportunity to hunt a buffalo in its natural setting. For a fee.

5) Skiing. If you have never gone skiing before, it is definitely something to try! I have only gone skiing once, but I thoroughly enjoyed it - even though I sprained my ankle. At Bear's Den Mountain in Fort Ransom, you can have that opportunity. But make sure you wait until they're open season!

6) Fort Mandan. Whenever you are in the Dakotas, take some time to appreciate the Lakota culture. In North Dakota, you can see this exhibit near Washburn. It is where Lewis and Clark encountered the Natives.

7) Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site. During the Cold
War, numerous missile silos were placed throughout the country, including in North Dakota. If American history is something you are interested in, take the time near Cooperstown to pay this historic site a visit.

8) Boating. The Missouri River runs through North Dakota and you can take a boat out on the Jamestown Reservoir near Jamestown. If fishing or boating is not for you, try some disc golf! Or camping! Or trail hiking!

9) Gambling. I grew up half an hour away from the North Dakota border. The Prairie Knights Casino near Fort Yates was not too far north of the border. The casino regularly has shows for your entertainment, as well as a resort that you can stay in.

10) Wine tasting. It may not be Californian wine, but those North Dakotans sure know how to create the juice of the grape! The Pointe of View Winery near Burlington is the state's oldest winery. The have free tastings and you might be able to try their popular rhubarb wine!

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