Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Work Out - Doing P90X to Get Our Sexy Back

Those of you with cable should have seen commercials for P90X. If not, I will fill you in. P90X is an intense series of exercise videos by Tony Horton (who is really funny!) Each video focuses on different groups of muscles or overall cardiovascular workings - there's Shoulders and Arms, Plyometrics, Yoga, Ab Ripper - you get the idea. For one hour - you work on those targeted areas. It is not easy . . . and Tony and I decided to do it. Mandy joined in later.
   First and foremost. P90X is not for the faint of heart and if you have knee issues, you might want to take it easy on the Plyometrics. I never felt old until the first two weeks of P90X. My left knee was sore. My damaged shoulder got injured, which spread down to my elbow. But, I modified a lot of the exercises and continued on, nursing my boo-boos until they did not hurt as much. I still have to baby them, but not as much.
   Now, in combination with the juicing (which I wrote about in a previous post), I have not lost much weight, but I have lost inches. Tony said my mommy apron (ladies who have had babies know what I am talking about) is not hanging as low. And my neighbor said my side effects were visibly smaller. WOOHOO! Go me! Now, the challenge is to stick with it.
   That is my test - sticking with it. I have struggled with my weight since 8th grade. And I've been yo-yo dieting ever since. The only thing is - I never reached my goal. The minute I saw a little bit of a result, I would resort back to my diet of pizza and cheeseburgers. So, I am determined to stick with it and the overall health benefits have been awesome! I am taking less insulin for my Type 1 diabetes, my knee is feeling better, I have more energy and I don't feel as tired when I wake up in the morning.
   If you can dedicate 90 days of your life and you want to get in shape, give P90X a try. Seriously. It will be hard at first, but if you stick with it, you will be amazed at the results. And at least you can say you tried it!

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