Sunday, May 25, 2014

The List

I have spoken about The List that was made. See for yourself what made the cut. What is below are the things that my friend and I have not yet done. I will write further posts about the stuff that we have done and have crossed off of the list. As we go down the list, I will write about our experiences and will provide pictures and hopefully video.


- Go ziplining
- Get a tattoo
- Take a pottery class
- Learn pole dancing
- Learn ballroom dancing
- Ride a mechanical bull
- Go shopping in Minneapolis
- Go skating in a rink
- Pinot Palette
- Do a mud run
- Attend an opera
- Acrylic nails
- Attend a rave
- Go on a ghost hunt
- Go to a haunted house on Halloween
- Pick peaches
- Grape crushing with feet
- Spa retreat
- Mud wrestling
- Attend a drag show
- Picnic in the park
- Discovery flight
- Murder Mystery Theater
- Learn contact juggling
- Try absinthe
- Lose 60 pounds
- Do a boudoir photo shoot
- Learn a new language
- Take martial arts
- Travel on a train
- Ride a gondola

   I do live in Marshall, MN, so obviously some of these things are not available everywhere. But, as I write about them, if websites are available, I will provide the address and locations so you can experience it yourself.
   I am open to suggestions on stuff to try. As long as it is legal, poses no harm to anyone and does not violate my personal beliefs and morals. If you have ideas, I would love to hear them!

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