Sunday, May 25, 2014

Picking Those Berries

Picture it: A tranquil little Oklahoma farm at dawn in late spring. The sky is cloudless. The temperature is a perfect 72 degrees. The rest of the world has not yet ventured out, so it is quiet. All you can hear are the birds singing.
   This was the first experience from The List - going to a pick-your-own farm. And it happened before my son was born. My husband, daughter and myself climbed into my green Mazda and drove south of Tulsa to Endicott Farms - roughly a half-hour drive.
   When we got to the farm, a lovely family was sitting in front of their garage, baskets ready for people to come and harvest their own berries. It was a pick-your-own farm and the cost was minimal (I don't remember the exact cost, but I think roughly $15 is what we paid) for all three of us to grab baskets and load up on blueberries and blackberries.
   The patches were pointed out to us and we trotted out in the morning hours, the dew clinging to the grass beneath our sandaled feet (well, my husband wore his hiking boots). Nearby was a picturesque pond, with geese and ducks sailing overhead or swimming leisurely on the surface of the blue water.
   Our first stop was the blackberries, as we were told the blueberries might not be in abundance yet (either because they were already picked or because they were not yet in season). But those blackberries were ready! And huge! And sweet! And in total abundance!
   I wish I would have grabbed my camera, but the images in my head are still clear and beautiful as ever! We are planning to make another stop at Endicott Farms again this berry season. Not only for the peaceful family outing, but also for those berries. They beat out anything you can buy in your grocery store. I made blueberry muffins (not a lot of blueberries, but we got enough to make one batch), blackberry cobbler, blackberry bread, blackberry muffins (because we had more than enough of those).
   Now, we had previously done something similar. It just wasn't blueberries and blackberries. We were living near the Black Hills of South Dakota a few years ago and we went hiking. Well, wouldn't you know it, we came across wild raspberries! All three of us picked as many as we could find and it was all free!
   If you want something leisurely, peaceful, full of nature and will give your plenty of Mother Nature's bounty, then this is something to do. Google pick-your-own farms to find what is available in your area. Not only will get out, but you will support a local business and eat organic (not all are organic so you have to check) fresh fruits and vegetables.  Or, go on your own outdoors adventure and you just might find some wild goodness nestled away!

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