Thursday, February 26, 2015

What To Do In Snow

Snow is in abundance across the country. Right now, the National Weather Service is calling for snow in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. Yesterday, we had some snow fall here in Minnesota. And the past couple months, blizzards have dominated the news. So, what do you do when you feel trapped by snow?
   Growing up in South Dakota (i.e. the Emperor of Blizzards), I have plenty of ways for you to fight the cabin fever that can strike.

1) Do you wanna build a snowman? Lets start with the obvious now that the Frozen song is running through your
head. It's easy, it's fun and a chance for you to indulge in your creativity. And it's something that you can do with the whole family! But, beware if you have a child with Calvin's creativity. It's humorous, but have him or her build in an area that is not easily visible to the neighbors.

2) Slip 'n' slide. Find a big patch of thick ice.  Get a pair of knee pads (Atta, boy). Run and slide and see how far you can go. Great fun with friends and a couple of beers. Make sure you find the ice prior to consuming alcohol and then stop before you get too drunk.

3) Build a fort. This is perfect when you have huge snow drifts! I used to just dig tunnels and holes into a drift and that would be my fort. Granted, it wasn't very creative, but it sure seemed cozy when I was 7.

4) Bake up a storm. Those cookies or bars you wanted to try? Go for it! That cake you've been craving? Why not? The pie your husband has been begging you for? Yes! This is an excellent activity if your home is a little too cold. The oven will help heat it up.

5) Steal the flag. . . with snowballs. Divide into teams and steal the other team's flag. Make sure you have plenty of snowballs as ammo.

6) Polar plunge. But without the water. Throw on a swimsuit, run outside and roll around in the snow. Guaranteed way to wake up. Or just something fun to do during a party. To help out with the shock of the cold, booze does make you feel hot.

7) Get your mix on. I've mentioned alcohol more than once. So, why not try perfect your bartending skills? Make some mixed drinks. Invent your own. You know, if you drop some cloves in bottle of vodka and leave it set for a while, you get clove-infused vodka. Pair that with some peach schnapps. It's like drinking a holiday!

   So, there you go. You don't have to be cooped up inside with boredom. You can create fun outside and inside when there is a lot of snow outside your window. Have fun! 

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