Friday, October 14, 2016

Review: Profession Gurus Consulting Software

I had a newspaper journalism career for eleven years. I loved it, but I had to eventually accept the fact that the industry was dying. I had two newspapers go out of business on me in two years. I gave up my career choice and spent five years trying to figure out what else I wanted to do.

   I began taking a few college courses to help me on my quest to find my answer. I knew I had to get a degree (which I did not have while I was working as a journalist), but what to get a degree in? I had a few interests, but were any of them practical? Would I be happy doing any of them as a career? I used a variety of mediums to help me figure it out and one of them was Profession Gurus Consulting Software.
   For a while, I was considering an engineering or technology-based degree (and who knows, I might choose one again). There is a very good school not far from me that offers degrees in those fields. The Profession Gurus Consulting Software helped me decide that at this point in time, those degrees might not be the best choice for me. But in using said software, it helped me determine which fields might work for me and which might not. You can talk to people who are in the profession in which you have an interest, learn more about what it is really like.
   It is important to note that engineering or technology-based degrees are the only fields offered on Profession Gurus Consulting Software. It is a good tool for those who are considering such careers or who are certain they want to pursue a career in said fields.
Full disclosure: I was compensated for this review in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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