Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who Is the Sexiest Winchester?

I LOVE Supernatural! It's an amazing show! The story, the acting, the twists, the special effects. I love it all! . . . And the eye candy. Particularly the eye candy.

Sam Winchester
Dean Winchester
   Those two lovelies to the left and to the right are the stars of the show - Sam Winchester (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles). Both are very handsome men. But, I favor Sam over Dean. There is something about a tall, 
dark, handsome, muscle-bound, tragic, brooding man that I find appealing. And I find that other female Supernatural fans I talk to do not agree with me (which is fine), but I want to reach out to more. I don't know a whole lot of female Supernatural fans.

   So, lets explore each character one at a time and you decide. Maybe I am the lone wolf here.

Dean Winchester

   No doubt, Dean has the prettier face. Those full pouting lips are definitely kissable. And green eyes are always a plus. His smile is absolutely gorgeous!
   Dean stands at around 6'1" and does not have a bad body at all - obviously.
Dean possessed by a demon
   Personality wise - Dean is funny, has witty and quick comebacks, has a strong sense of loyalty and a deep and abiding love for cheeseburgers, pie, women, Busty Asian Beauties, his car (which he calls Baby), mullet-rock and beer. On the downside, Dean is a bottler. He keeps everything in. And he can be extremely obnoxious - like frat boy obnoxious.

Sam Winchester
   Sam's eyes are very expressive. While his lips are not as full as Dean's, his smile is off-the-charts (when he does smile).
   Sam stands at around 6'4" and has an absolutely ripped body.
Sam possessed by an angel
   Personality wise - Sam is extremely smart and very good at research. Very health-conscious, he generally shuns the cheeseburgers his brother is fond of and opts for salads and enjoys exercising. Sam is very honest and not afraid to tell the truth about past experiences (but not so honest when it comes to demon blood). Sam longs for a normal life, complete with wife and kids. On the downside, Sam has a temper and is moody.
   So, who is your cup of tea?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Get Out of Your Way

Yesterday, my husband and I had a conversation about something I have been wanting to do for a long time - become a stay at home mom again. My son is now one year old. My daughter is seven. The last three years that I have been working have flown by and I feel as though I have missed a lot of their lives - because I have.
   Kay is enrolled in school, but there have been times a school event has come up and I have been unable to attend because I was at work. Al is in daycare. For a while, he was more attached to the babysitter than he was to me . . . and I hated that. Now, every Monday morning when I drop him off, he grips me and lays his head on my shoulder as I try to pass him to the babysitter. It breaks my heart every single time. It breaks my heart further when he has no problem being passed to her on Wednesday.
   My bosses have had no problem letting me work less than 40 hours every week. I drop Kay off at school and I pick her up. It makes for a roughly 32-35 hour work week. It gives me time to spend with them and take care of my house, make supper for everyone. It also saves money because if I didn't do that, Kay would have to go from school to daycare, which would cost at least $300 every month. I'm already paying $300 every month for Al to be in daycare.
   But, change is something that is inevitable. Now, it sounds like 40 hours every week will be required. And I can't pay that - either with my wallet or with my heart. If I worked 40 hours, I would be shilling out $600 every month just in daycare costs and I would miss out on my children's lives even more than I am now.
   When I told Tony about what was happening at work, he could tell that it was getting me down. And he asked me if I wanted to stay home again. I said yes. Then he said something that struck home: "Baby, you say you want to do something, but then you think of reasons why you can't."
   And that got me to thinking: How often do I do that? How
often do I stand in my own way? How often do I prevent myself from doing what I want to do?
   How often do you? What have you prevented yourself from doing because you say "I can't"?
   Whatever it is that you want to do, get out of your own way and do it. I'm not saying dive right in. Lives are busy and hectic. Be wise about it. A plan should be formed that will allow you to do whatever it is you want to do.
   If you can do it this instant - DO IT! GET OUT OF YOUR WAY! Want to go see a midnight showing at a theater? That shouldn't take a lot of planning. Don't say you can't because you have work in the morning. After the movie, get home, go to sleep and when you wake up drink a nice cup of coffee. Walk a little bit during work to get the blood flowing through your body again.
   Want to take that trip to another state you've always fantasized about? DO IT! Start saving and planning right now! GET OUT OF YOUR WAY! Don't say you can't because it's not in the budget. Every penny you put toward that trip is another step closer.
   Start doing it today!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Make Halloween Memorable!

Halloween is great! And it's a perfect opportunity for you to break out of your shell or just to mix things up a bit in your life - whatever the case may be. If you can't get out on the day of Halloween, not to worry. There are still plenty of things to do - especially in the last two weeks of October.

1)  Go to a haunted attraction. Like the Castle of Muskogee that I wrote about in my last post, there are sure to be haunted attractions in your area. If none are close by, take a road trip. And travel down a road you would not normally take to get there. You'd be surprised at the number of things you can run across on back roads.

2)  Go ghost hunting. The hardcore scare seekers will go ghost hunting. Supposedly, Halloween is when the dead come out to play. So, exploit that belief (if you have it) and seek out the real thing. Google actual haunted locations in your area and see if you can gain access to one.

3)  Attend a party. Halloween parties are abundant - at people's houses and at bars. Dress in a costume. Go balls out and wear something you swore your would never wear. It does not matter what kind of body you have. It's Halloween! Who cares?!

4)  Get a psychic reading. These might be a little more difficult to find, depending on how urban of an area you live in. I have never gotten one, so I would not know if you have to book something in advance.

5)  Throw your own party. Attach a theme to it and request your guests dress accordingly. Make the theme a little quirky for it to be extra memorable. Barnyard Animals (there are plenty of guys who would have fun with that one), Historical Figures, Zombie Dolls, Adults Only Items - you get the idea.

6)  Play Ghosts In the Graveyard. This was a favorite childhood game of mine. The basis is simple. Wait until dark and select a game area with well established boundaries and plenty of hiding places. One person is selected to be "it" and everyone else runs and hides. 
   The "it" person turns around, covers his or her eyes and chants: "One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock rock. Four o'clock, five o'clock, six o'clock rock. Seven o'clock, eight o'clock, nine o'clock rock. Ten o'clock, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock rock. Starlight, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might, hope to see a ghost tonight. GHOSTS IN THE GRAVEYARD!"
   The "it" person turns around, uncovers his or her eyes and then the game begins. The object for the "it" person is to get to the other end of the game area and then back to the chant position without getting caught by a ghost. The people hiding - they jump out and try to get the "it" person. There are scares and plenty of calories burned with all of the chasing. Whichever ghost catches the "it" person now has a turn to be "it."
   When I was a kid, both the youngsters and the adults would play. In fact, I might teach it to my daughter and the neighbors tomorrow tonight.

7)  Bake up some spooky treats. These are plastered all over the internet right now. Go to any food blog or recipe website and you are bound to find treats. Jack-o-lantern cupcakes, spider pizza, hot dog mummies, ghost cookies - you name it. Then, take those treats to your friends to show off your culinary skills. While you're at it, take some wine or a bottle of booze with you. Nothing like pigging out on treats while imbibing a few spirits.

8)  Volunteer. Events for children are almost always seeking volunteers to hand out candy or host games.

9)  Play some pranks. Nothing mean. You don't want to make people cry or get offended. This year, I took a vintage baby doll. One of those dolls from the 80s that looks like a real baby, but not quite. It's fairly off-putting. I went to my
My daughter and I then decided to turn it
into a Halloween decoration!
neighbor's front door, propped the doll up, knocked and quickly hid. I heard the door open and Allen say "That's really creepy." Mandy and Trevor had to see what caused Allen to say such a thing and there was the doll, smiling at them ever so slightly, in her yellowed old-fashioned dress. Since trailers for the movie "Annabelle" were all over the television, I figured it would be fitting.

   So, there you have it. Try some of those things to help make it a more memorable Halloween than last year. Or, think of some of your own things to do. Let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haunted Castle = Awesome Time!

My friends and I managed to knock another item off of our "To Do" list - a Halloween haunted house. But we went balls out and went to the Castle of Muskogee, which is a castle replica in Muskogee, OK. When you walk through the front
gate, you enter a courtyard filled with old-fashioned vendors - turkey legs, mystics, candle makers, jewelry artisans, makers of butter beer. It is a very large attraction - complete with a jousting arena. And the staff all speak in English accents.
   I had been to the Castle once before with Tony and our daughter, but this was a first for Mandy, Allen and Ricky. We all purchased the Fright Pack, which helped save money on the four scariest events at the Castle - the Casa Morte, the Domus Horrificus, the Ultimate Maze and the Trail of Blood.
   The Casa Morte and the Domus Horrificus are all set within the castle walls. The Maze and the Trail are outside. The Trail came with a warning: Absolutely not recommended for children. It got my blood flowing.
   We started with Casa and Domus first. Casa was a PG-13 version. Poor Mandy followed me (I went in first. I went in first to all of them) and her hand was always gripping my coat or wrapped around my waist. Casa seemed to have the most effect on Mandy and I definitely got startled. There were rooms where the staff blended in to the walls. You had no idea they were there until they jumped out at you. But, Mandy got nervous when one of the staff, dressed as a little zombie girl, kept standing in front of her, asking her to stay and play.
   The Domus was the R version and it was AWESOME! They brought movie characters to life - Michael Myers, Samara, Jason, Freddy and more. It started me and in fact, got me dizzy. Just entering that event was no fun, as the hallway entrance had two gigantic inflatable walls and you had to squeeze your way through there. I was expecting something to jump out at me once I emerged from the rubber womb, but it didn't.
   After the events inside, we hung around, getting some
drinks and funnel cake. There was music playing and people dancing. We then proceeded to the Trail. A staff member directed us to enter the Cave, which we did. Now, on the Trail, you wait in line to get loaded onto a trailer. The trailer then takes you to the woods and drops you off. But, it's not in the middle of nowhere. There is a little makeshift bar - Madame Voodoo's - set up, serving only beer and soda. After you finish a beverage, you can proceed to the Trail. Now, I was disappointed with the Trail. I was expecting something better than Domus, but it sorely lacked. It was mostly walking on a trail, with very few scares along the way.
   We did the Maze last. Again, very few scares, but it took us a while to get out of it.
   The only regret I have on the Castle is that photography was not allowed. Otherwise, I would share the pictures with you.
   With this being only October 21, you still have time to get out there and go to a haunted attraction. They are still open for 10 more days. It is not a terrible time, but make sure you pick an attraction that you are certain you will enjoy. If you choose one just to choose one, you will not have as good of a time - unless it is a truly awesome one. Choose one locally or go on a road trip a few hours away just for the experience!  
   Get some scares into your Halloween this year and experience a life!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sex Every Day

The two most common arguments married couples have revolve around money and sex. My husband Tony and I rarely argue about money. But we have had some doozies about sex. Until Tony read an article in which a married couple committed to have sex every day for one month. I had not read it, but he presented such a compelling argument, that I agreed to have sex every day.
   We have been married for eight years and we have hit some dry spots in our intimacy, but on average, we got busy twice a week. It was more than enough for me, but it was not enough for him. He loves to have sex with me, to make love to me. He wanted it every day and I would turn him down a lot or begrudgingly give in - making it not too fun for him. Yes, I was a boring lay when I was not in the mood. With a full-time job, keeping house and taking care of a baby and second-grader, I was hardly ever in the mood and our marriage was beginning to feel the strain that a lack of intimacy brings.
   This experiment was Tony's solution to that strain. We laid down one ground rule. No sex if someone was injured or sick. That was it.
   We stuck to it for about two weeks before he left for a week-long camping trip in Wyoming. And in those two weeks, we got more creative in the bedroom. Also more passionate, which was the biggest factor. I began to crave my husband's touch, to feel his body against mine. He could see it in my eyes. He said I was looking at him differently. I also began to get more verbal, giving him some cues and encouragement. Lack of communication in the bedroom was always a big downfall for me.
   Now, we have sex three to four times every week. And Tony said it has been amazing. He has even discovered an unknown (even to me) erogenous zone for me - my collarbone. Just the other day, he zeroed in on that for some reason, and my knees almost turned to jelly. Just writing
Here we are!
about it, I feel butterflies in my stomach.

   Now that we are having sex more often, I find myself more attracted to him. I also feel sexier, knowing that Tony craves me as much as I do him. I can also relate to how he felt before, when sex was less abundant.
   Opening the door to more intimacy has improved our sex life and our marriage. Gone is the boring bedroom Lana. I want to make sex fun and exciting, to make it a solid connection every single time. Our communication with one another is more open - in all aspects of our lives. Any arguments that we get into are not carried out for days on end because we have rediscovered our love for one another.
   So, if you and your spouse are feeling a strain in your marriage, give it a try. I'm not saying it's a cure-all, but it sure is a fun time!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Experience You Don't Need: Falsehoods

Honesty is a very important aspect of anyone's life. Not only do we expect people to be honest with us, we also need to be honest with others.
   When I was a child, I lied . . . a lot. I was a compulsive liar. And it bit me in the ass a couple of times in elementary school. Those days happened in the same year - second grade - and it was the year that lies just poured out of my mouth. If my lips were moving, it was almost a guarantee I was lying about something.
   The last lie bears the most consequence and was when I learned the awful reality of lying. It was after I represented my class in the area spelling bee. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. But, that was not good enough for me. While I did well enough to go, I did not do well enough to place at the competition. I sat in the bleachers amongst the other spellers and watched a variety of kids who were not me, walk up in front of everyone and claim their trophies. And I was jealous. When I got back to my school, I told everyone - students and teachers - that not only did I claim five small trophies, but also a REALLLLY big one! And I asked everyone not to mention it to my fellow second-grade representative, because I said she felt bad that she did not place. Everyone
Yup. That was pretty much the
reaction of my classmates.
bought my story. Everyone, that is, except for my PE teacher. He wanted to see the trophies and when I did not bring them to school, he asked the principal about my supposed achievement. The principal spoke with my teacher, told him the truth and then came to my classroom. He called me out in front of my teacher, my friends and my classmates. When my classmates started joining in, telling the principal about the various lies I had told them over the year, I began to cry. The principal realized it was a bad idea to confront me in such an environment. He took me out in the hallway, apologized for his bad judgment and we had a heart-to-heart conversation about lying. I felt absolutely awful. I was a sobbing mess and the principal then gave me a hug, telling me he was not mad at me and that he forgave me.

   I was never mad at that principal. In fact, he was probably the best principal throughout my entire educational career. I was mad at myself for being so stupid. That anger deepened when I had to go to every person I lied to and apologize.
   That is a memory that has stuck with me and whenever I feel compelled to lie, I think about it. I think about the awful feelings I had and how hard it was to regain everyone's trust again.
   I make it a point to be honest with tact. I do not agree with blunt and cruel honesty. People have feelings, after all, and it's a good idea to respect those feelings. You can tell the truth
without it crushing the soul of a person. But, if soul crushing is what you intend, then obviously you have no respect or love for whomever you are talking to.
   If you suspect that someone is lying to you - regardless of what the lie is - you can make a decision whether or not to confront that person. If you do, expect a lot of denial and anger. No one likes to be caught in a lie. And they get into a state of panic. I've seen it numerous times. I've called people out directly, which led to fights. I've poked fun at people when their lies have been ridiculous, in a vain attempt to embarrass them for telling lies. But, don't let the lies linger, because it builds resentment in you for the liar. Assess the situation and then decide what actions you need to take. Afterward, if the liar is still going forth with the behavior, try to get him or her some help and remind him or her about lying. Or cut your losses and move on.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Infiltrating Facebook

My best friend and I concocted a scheme. While I will not give you exact details of why we did this, I will tell you what we did. We infiltrated the Juggalo/Juggalette community on Facebook. It's easy to do. But what took me aback is how easily we were accepted and how quickly people were reaching out to us.

   If you are not familiar with what a Juggalo/Juggalette is - it is a fan of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP). A hardcore fan - the
This is ICP.
type that shows up with his or her face painted like an evil clown. The stereotypical member of this society smokes a lot of weed, drinks a lot of Faygo, wears a lot of black especially HatchetGear clothes, is obsessed with horror and murder and they say "whoop whoop" a lot and call each other ninjas.

   I like ICP, but I am not a Juggalette. I am a fan of their Great Milenko album, but according to my cousin (who is not a full-blown Juggalo, but definitely a bigger fan than I), everyone likes The Great Milenko, so that doesn't really count.
   But, back to the story at hand. My friend and I created faux personas. I was a Juggalette from Louisiana and she was a Juggalo from Tennessee. Everything was fake - pictures, information, email addresses - everything. We both did brief research on how the people communicate with one another and we struggled to replicate it. We both enjoy writing in complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. These people are not fans of that.
   When we got everything put together and made opening posts on our Facebook pages, we joined a few Juggalo groups on Facebook and started sending random people friend requests. A majority of them accepted. I did not find that odd. After all, I have some friends on Facebook that I have never met - friends through the blogging community. What I did find odd was the messages I started to get from them. One woman opened up to me about her slacker ex-husband. A man was telling me he was stoned. One gentleman asked me to marry him. My friend had a female messaging her a phone number, begging her to call. That was in less than 12 hours of creating the accounts.
   I asked myself what these people were thinking - telling a random stranger they met on Facebook such personal things. It's not exactly what I would call the wisest thing to do.
   The next day, though, is when I got creeped out enough to permanently delete the account. By this time, even more people had accepted my friend requests. But, the kicker was when I saw I had 300+ friend requests! I texted my friend and she was experiencing the same thing.
   "What have we done?" she asked.

   "We've opened Pandora's box!" I told her. "Shut it! Shut it NOW!"
   That night, both accounts were deactivated. And we both learned that some people use Facebook as a way to reach out to others and make a connection. Maybe they do not find acceptance in their real communities or in their families, but they can find it on Facebook. And they do not have to be Juggalos/Juggalettes. It could be anybody. So, take random friend requests with a grain of salt. In my opinion, if someone starts telling a stranger personal details about their life, they might be a hindrance to your life. So, if you accept or send out random friend requests, that's fine. But if the person with whom you have contacted on Facebook becomes too friendly too fast, it's time to close the box!